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Whether you're going back to school in a few weeks or you're just obsessed with stationery, this post should be right up your street. I've found some pretty stationery supplies that are perfect for going back to university or school, or just great to brighten up your desk! All of the items below are from small businesses and I've put some sneaky items of mine in there too ;)

Back to School


Notebook: Mia Felce

This notebook is my bestseller! I think everyone has those days where they just feel like procrastinating! It has blank pages so is great for doodling, and is the perfect size to pop in your bag.


Rose Gold Paper Clips: Jess Cowley

How cute are these little paper clips? They come in a variety of different colours and would be perfect to organise your planner.


Watercolour Sticky Notes: Note and Wish

I think these are the prettiest sticky notes I've ever seen! I just love the colours!


Washi Tape: Megan Cutler

Because who doesn't love pretty washi tape?!


Colourful Pencil Set: Not Only Polka Dots

I love this colourful pencil set. They'd look really cute in a pretty pen pot to brighten my desk!


Set of 3 Erasers: Notes and Clips

A cute little set of 3 erasers with pretty patterned covers. I love the foil spots!


Jazzy Print Cotton Pouch: Mia Felce

This colourful cotton pouch can be used as a make up bag or pencil case and has a waterproof lining. It's perfect to keep all your stationery together!


What are your stationery essentials?





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