Each year, Pinterest releases a report of their predicted trends; the 'Pinterest Predicts Report'. With everything from fashion, food, travel and hobbies, they use search data to forecast emerging trends for the year ahead. Here I've picked out the home and interiors predictions and show you how to use them in your home and how they are starting to influence interiors in 2024.


Christmas 2023, the year bows adorned every tree on Instagram. With 'bow aesthetic' searches up 55%, the bow is a firm favourite for 2024. I watched a TikTok last week in which someone proclaimed bows are dead. Bows will never be dead in my eyes and the comments section provided as much outrage as I did.

Image courtesy of @a.modest.semi via Instagram.


A mash up of kitchen and kitsch, searches for 'kitschey kitchen' and 'eclectic kitchen decor' were up 75% and 50% respectively. Think colour, retro appliances, vintage accessories and a warm, homely feel with a nod to the past. Searches for 'green kitchen paint' are up 44% and 'retro pink kitchen' searches increased by 40%. Homeowners are becoming more bold in their choices and ditching the grey kitchen cabinets. Whilst navy and sage green are still popular, we are already seeing brighter colours emerge and become more readily available from kitchen suppliers.

Pink Retro Microwave - Dunelm // Gingham Cabinet Curtain - Etsy // Yellow Floral Mug - Anthropologie


According to Pinterest, Boomers and Gen X are driving up searches for 'coffee bar styling' (+1125%), 'coffee station decor' (145%) and 'kafe aesthetic' (820%). Think 'at home' coffee stations and chalkboard signs. Countertop and larder cupboards are popular in kitchens at the moment, with homeowners creating hidden coffee stations, but this trend may see a more relaxed, open approach.

Image credit - Erin Sander / Pär Bengtsson

Swan Coffee Machine - Amazon // Dashes Mug - John Lewis // Chalkboard - Etsy

Image credit - Decorilla


Combining dark and moody gothic design with natural, rustic western elements, the 'western gothic' style is becoming popular in interior design. There is an eclectic approach to this look, mixing deep blues and greys with cowhides, leather and rustic wood. It's dramatic and ornamental but the western elements create a relaxed feel.

Howdy Print - Etsy // Candle holder - Pooky // Horse print - Etsy


I know upycling isn't a new concept, but searches for 'small scrapwood projects DIY' were up 1220% and 'scrap quilts patterns leftover fabric' up 80%. Timber prices have increased exponentially over the past few years, so using up scrap wood is a great way to make furniture or accessories on a budget.

Quilting has become a more popular hobby, using scrap fabrics from clothing, tablecloths and other textiles. Throws and quilts can be very expensive, so making your own is a more affordable option.



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