Are you wondering about paint colour consultations and why you should have one?

Chances are, you've ended up here because you are having a paint dilemma. Colour is a wonderful thing, but with most humans being able to see about 1 million colours, it can also be a tricky thing to get right. Light direction plays a huge part in selecting paint colours for your home and colour consultants know how to choose them correctly to achieve the right mood and feeling in the room you are decorating.


"Why should I hire someone?"

There are many paint brands out there with infinite colour choices so if you are struggling to make a decision, a colour consultant will know the right questions to ask to help solve your problems. It will save you hours of trawling through paint swatch books and with paint getting increasingly expensive, it can help to stop any expensive mistakes.


"Why would I not go directly to the paint company service?"

Most paint brands offer an in house colour consultation service, however, if you choose this route, you are restricted to that company's colours. By hiring an independent colour consultant, you have access to a much broader range of paint brands. In my colour consultations, I recommend Farrow & Ball, Little Greene Paint Company, Dulux Heritage, Graham & Brown, Lick & more.


"How much does it cost?"

I offer a paint colour consultation for £60 in which we can discuss up to 2 rooms. We will talk about how you want the room to feel and then choose paint colours for the walls, ceiling and woodwork. You should always test paint colours before painting the whole room, so I will give you tips on sampling them correctly, too.


Many don't realise how much our surroundings affect our moods and just changing a shade of white can completely change the feeling of a room. If you're ready to get started and improve how you feel about your home, click here to see a little bit more about the packages I offer and get in contact to book your colour consultation.



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