Light blue is having a moment in interiors. Invoking feelings of calmness and tranquility, it's the perfect choice for a relaxing bathroom, a restful living area or a serene bedroom. With so many brands and colours to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming and many struggle with where to being, so I have picked out five paint colours below, to help you decide on the perfect shade for your home.

As with all colours, the direction your room faces will affect the colour, so always make sure to get a tester pot before you commit.


This shade is named after a calming sea and has a mix of blue, green and grey undertones. I have this in my home and I've created a calming, cosy living room. It would also work well in a relaxing bedroom or even on kitchen cabinets for a contemporary look.


Named after the sea at Lulworth Cove in Dorset, Lulworth Blue is a described as a mid fresh blue. It is bright and saturated, ideal if you prefer a clean, fresh look. It's more vibrant than some of the other shades listed here and would work great in a bathroom or kids bedroom.


Described as a 'light grey blue', Lie In is the perfect dusky blue with yellow undertones. The warmth from the yellow will create a cosier feel and a bring sense of calm to your room. It's more grey than some of the other choices here so would be a good option if you are just starting a journey of adding colour to your home. It will work well in all lights, but this could be a good choice if you have a north facing room.


Part of their 'Calm Collection' Blue 15 is a warm, mid sky blue, which has a 'perfect harmony of optimistic, sunshine yellow and soft cloud grey, creating a feeling of balance and ease in any space.' The yellow undertones will stop the room from feeling cold and would be a great option for a calming living and dining space.


Named after the popular 'Jasperware' popularised by Josiah Wedgwood, this is a clean and calming shade which leans almost lilac in certain lights. It is the coolest in tone of the colours I have chosen so works well if your room gets warm light. This would look lovely in a bright bedroom, combined with fresh whites, or in a classic country kitchen combined with creams and sage green.

Are you wondering what to combine with blue to create your perfect colour scheme? If you'd like a fresh, calming feel, opt for greens and whites. If you prefer something bolder, blue and orange are perfect companions as they sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. If you like a neutral scheme, creams and beiges mixed with lots of texture will give you a more traditional look.

Still not sure on the right shade for you? I can help! I offer online colour consultations to help you decide on the best colours for your home. To learn a little bit more about how colour consultations work and why you should have one, click here.




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