Period homes have so much character if they're full of original features, but what if you've bought a property with nothing original left? There are many ways to add replica and reclaimed features to bring life back to your home. Some of these things can be done as DIY projects and some require professionals, but they are all fantastic ways to bring your period property back to it's former glory.


Picture rails are a great addition to period homes if they've been removed by previous owners. If skirting boards have been replaced with low, plain boards, think about adding in more ornate, taller ones to accentuate tall ceilings. You can even buy covers so you don't have to remove the existing ones. Architraves can also be changed for wider, more detailed ones if they have been swapped out.


Cornicing was put into most Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian homes when they were built. It adorned most living and dining rooms and in grander houses it may have been put into bedrooms too. If yours has been removed, you can buy replacement plaster, resin or polystyrene cornicing in many sizes and designs.


Ceiling roses date back to the Georgian era and continued to be used throughout the Victorian and Edwardian periods. They were mainly used in downstairs rooms, but some grander homes had them in bedrooms too. Originally made of plaster, you can find replacements in plaster, resin and polystyrene. There are so many styles and sizes to choose from, so have a look into the designs used in the period your house was built.


If the original doors have been removed, you can buy replacements. There are many online retailers, or you can search Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or visit reclamation yards to find originals.

If the house has been renovated and had a loft conversion, building regulations may have stated doors need to be replaces with fire doors, so if your house has one, check this before replacing.



Replacing modern radiators with column style radiators can add character to your home. You can buy them in many styles and colours, including raw metal, anthracite, white and some companies powder coat them in fun, bold shades. They come in various shapes and sizes, with 2, 3 and 4 column options depending on the heat output you need for the room.


You may be lucky enough to find wooden floorboards, parquet or tiles underneath your carpets, but if not, these are a great way to add character back to your home. Again, these can be bought from eBay, reclamation yards or you may find another renovator ripping up their original hallway tiles and selling them on Facebook Marketplace. Very sad for the other house but a great find for you.

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Most period houses were built with chimney breasts and fireplaces. The fireplace inserts were made of metal, but depending on the size and age of the property, some had surrounds made from wood, marble or slate. If you have blocked up chimney breasts, then there was more than likely a fireplace there at some point. This is one for the professionals unless you are sure of the process, but you can buy reclaimed fireplaces and surrounds online and from eBay and Facebook marketplace. If you want them to be usable, you will need extra work doing to the chimney breast to make sure it's safe and will need to consult building control.

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