Stripes are a classic, but they are a big trend for 2024, so here I'll show you how to incorporate them into your home. Wide or thin, bold or subtle, stripes are an easy way to add a pop of of pattern to your existing decor.


Pride & Joy Cushion - Dunelm // Octavine Stripe Cushion - La Redoute // Churchgate Stripe Cushion - Dunelm


Striped curtains and blinds will always be a classic option. Woven pinstripes and ticking stripes are great in a traditional or contemporary scheme. Multi-coloured and wide stripe options are becoming more readily available, as well as horizontal and diagonal patterns. These are a great, striking option if you'd like to draw the eye to a beautiful outdoor setting.

Linford Curtains - Dunelm // Ella Stripes Roman Blind - Blinds2go // Harlequin x Sophie Robinson Sherbet Curtains - John Lewis


Bold or subtle, a striped wallpaper will add a focal point to any room. You could opt for a feature wall, or striped ceilings in children's bedrooms are becoming popular. Another option is to fill the room with stripes and wallpaper all four walls. Places like The Pure Edit sell the same patterns in fabrics and wallpapers, so if you wanted to go even more bold, you could choose wallpaper and curtains in the same design for a seamless wall of stripes.

Alternatively, you could paint stripes for a more cost effective option.

Tassa Grande Rose - The Pure Edit // Harborough Stripe Olive - Joules // Glastonbury Stripe - Cole & Son


A quick way to add a stripe is to buy some accessories, such as vases, lamps or planters. Choose a colour already in the room for a consistent look.

Lola Lamp - M&S // Stripey String Lampshade - Birdie Fortescue // Striped Jug Vase - M&S

Can you mix stripes?

Yes! Mix the scales but keep the style/fabrics consistent. If you've gone for traditional linen fabrics, keep to natural fabrics and colours rather than adding in a bold, multicoloured velvet.

Can you combine them with other patterns?

Definitely! They're one of the easiest ways to add pattern as they go with most other motifs. Mix them with florals, geometrics, spots, ginghams and abstract designs. As a little tip, always mix up the scales when mixing patterns together to avoid the scheme looking flat.


I hope that's given you some inspiration to add some stripes or a little pop of pattern to your home, but if you need a little more help, I offer a package to create a colour and fabrics scheme for your next project. Click here to see how I can help bring your next room to life!


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