Are you looking for an interior designer for your home in Northampton? Based in Northamptonshire, I offer affordable interior design services, whether you'd like a quick refresh or a complete re-design.

You may have just moved into a new home, or maybe you're looking to update your existing rooms but not sure where to start. I can provide in person consultations to give you advice, or we can work together to create a full design for your space. I am able to help with floorplans, paint colours, lighting, furniture, furnishings and can work with your existing furniture too.

Maybe you've just taken on a renovation project and wondering where to start? Working with an interior design at the same stage as your builder and/or architect will ensure you get the most from your space.

If you'd like some help with any of your interior dilemmas, click here to learn more about the packages I offer and drop me a message to book a free, 20 minute consultation to see how we can work together.



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