We took a trip to Turin in March this year and when researching things to do, I came across Museo Casa Mollino, an apartment designed by architect, designer, and photographer Carlo Mollino. Upon his death, the apartment was sold to an engineer to be used as his studio, but in 1999 was bought by Fulvio & Napeoleone Ferrari who have created the museum as it stands today. The museum sits in a French style villa overlooking the River Po and has beautiful views from the apartment balcony.

The tour begins by entering the hallway, then continues into the living area which is full of books, photographs and archives documenting Mollino's life.

The apartment was designed from 1960-68. It was never intended to be lived in and, calling it the 'Warriors House of Rest', was created as a meditation on the end of life.

As you can see, the interior is full of colour, texture and pattern and has an eclectic style that takes inspiration from many design styles and eras.  A lot of the furniture is designed by Mollino himself and the apartment features his photography throughout.

There was just one other person on the tour and we were able to ask questions and have interesting discussions as it was such a small group. If you love interior design, architecture, art, photorgraphy and design, this is a feast for your eyes and one of the most fascinating and interesting museums and tours I have experienced. Booking can only be made via email but if you are ever in Turin, I would fully recommend a visit.



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